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Illustrations and Designs

Art Prints and T-Shirts by: Armando Elizondo

Buy on: Redbubble

Buy on: Redbubble

Buy on: Redbubble

Welcome to the fascinating world of Dream Pigment! A small online wall decor, T-Shirt, and design company based out of Los Angeles California.  Armando Elizondo is the owner and creator of all the graphics and illustrations on this site. His passion is to create familiar but unique pieces of artwork. One of his favorite subject matters is fantasy art, and in particular, mermaids.


There are three mediums in which he creates his mermaid illustrations. Those are digital painting, watercolor, and vector. His art style is unique because of his flexibility to create art in a broad spectrum of styles. However, his favorite method is digital painting. The software he uses to paint digitally is Adobe Photoshop CS6.


Living in Los Angeles California, he is just minutes away from the beach. The diversity of the city helps inspire Armando to create his mermaid pieces. His most prominent inspiration comes from his wife, Rachel Elizondo. She is a super fan of Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and cute whimsical versions of these mythical creatures.


As you explore the content on this site, the beauty of Armando’s mermaid designs and the excellent watercolor paintings will surprise you with the amount of detail. With that in mind, we hope that you'll find an art piece that'll inspire you for your home or office!


Dream Pigment uses Redbubble as our primary manufacturers for art prints. Visit our Redbubble Store at the link below. Note that, this link will redirect you to their site.

A red circle button on the Redbubble "RB" logo icon.
A red circle button on the Redbubble "RB" logo icon.

Dream Pigment now offers novelty T-shirts! It was only a matter of time for Armando to create his line of tees. He is a big fan of cool, cute, funny, witty and awesome T-shirts. Armando brings his four years of experience in the custom garment industry to all the tees. Each image is clean, crisp, bold and colorful.


Dream Pigment believes that you will find a fun design that suits your personality. Our products will sure bring a smile to you and whoever sees you in our T-shirts.


Currently, Amazon and Redbubble manufacture all of Dream Pigment's T-Shirt designs. Click the link below to view our T-shirt selection on Redbubble.

Custom Design Services

Business logos and Vector Illustrations

Dream Pigment is also a company that offers custom logo services to the general public. If you need a logo for your business let us help you create one that fits your company. No matter what size your business, Dream Pigment can make your design dreams come true. All logos are designed and created in Adobe Illustrator CS6  by Armando Elizondo. E-mail is the best form of communication.

Logo Design Process





You will need a detailed brief of your idea. References are highly encouraged.

Armando will create and e-mail three different concept variations of your logo.

You provide feedback and Armando will make the necessary edits.

When you approve the design. Armando will e-mail the high resolution files.

E-mail Design Request

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Dream Pigment's Facebook "Like" page. Dream Pigment's Instagram page. Dream Pigment's Twitter page. Dream Pigment's Pinterest page.